LGBT Community Helps Raise Money to Relocate Transgender Youth

After we reported last week that a 12-year-old transgender student was receiving violent threats from the parents of children in her school, the LGBT community helped her and her family raise enough money to relocate. The young girl, named Maddie, was the object of violent threats from parents, and it forced Achille School District to shut down in Oklahoma for two days.

Maddie’s mom took filed a restraining order, the family felt it was necessary to relocate. The family already has ties in Houston, and it made sense for them to move down to Texas, but needed the funds.

Thankfully, the LGBT community had their backs. In just over a week, they received over $23k for the move.

“We actually moved here from Sherman hoping to have a fresh start for Maddie, because she was severely bullied there, and taunted to commit suicide, and assaulted in the bathroom,” Rose shared on her fundraising page for Maddie. “Unfortunately, her fresh start did not last long.”

“Maddie was physically attacked in the boys restroom in fourth grade,” Rose said. “And then bullied so bad that by the time she got to fifth grade, her and her brother – who went to the same school – were being taunted to commit suicide.”


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