LGBT Travel: Meet the Digital Nomads Who use the ‘Net to Travel the World

Thanks to digital and social media, we can like and share the news and stories that are important to us, as well as rate what we buy, where we eat, where we stay, and the services we receive. Some have taken that extra step by becoming bloggers, establishing a loyal following who value their opinion. Although many originated on platforms such as or, today’s bloggers use all forms of digital and social media to engage their audiences. Focusing on a whole spectrum of subjects, these digital influencers can be as important as mainstream journalists, and for some, blogging has evolved from a hobby into a full-time professional career.

Travel bloggers can offer insightful, first-hand advice that inspires and entertains. As independent travelers, they often tell honest travel stories that don’t sugar coat the experience. Just as there are all kinds of travelers, there are all kinds of travel blogs: from backpackers to first-class jetsetters, from those embarking on their first big adventure to seasoned travelers, from culture vultures to international party animals.

Meet these awesome people over at Passport magazine online…

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