Head Start on Valentine’s Day at New York’s Li-Lac Chocolates

Head Start on Valentine’s Day at New York’s Li-Lac Chocolates

by Stephanie Blackwood

“I love the business of chocolate. I’ve noticed, and maybe you have too, that people are always happy when they are eating chocolate.”

—Anthony Cirone, President

Li-Lac Chocolates is New York’s City’s oldest and most traditional chocolate house. It’s also a very sweet story. A 21st-century fairy tale. In New York’s West Village, Li-Lac has delighted and served customers since Founder George Demetrious opened the original Christopher Street store in 1923. After more than 90 years, Li-Lac still offers the original French-inspired confections that Demetrious put in his display cases, but Li-Lac has changed radically. Outgrowing the original intimate shop, the West Village store is now on Eighth Avenue and there are three additional locations. A boutique in bustling Grand Central Station serves commuters and tourists. Across the East River in Brooklyn’s Sunset Park, Li-Lac carefully crafts its small-batch chocolate in a state-of-the- old-fashioned-art factory in Industry City, an exciting innovation center. And in October, a new flagship and concept store officially opened in the Greenwich Village.

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