Liberace Biopic Starring Michael Douglas & Matt Damon

Image via NY Daily News

Last week the first pictures from the set of Behind the Candelabra, the biopic about the life and death of Liberace, surfaced showcasing Michael Douglas as a dead-ringer for the late ’70s icon in an upswept wig and sunglasses. [NY Daily News]

The 67-year-old actor evidentally raided Liberace’s wardrobe, too, wearing a yellow suit with a mustart yellow printed shirt underneath. Liberace once famously said, “I didn’t get dressed like this to go unnoticed.”

Behind the Candelabra is being directed by Steven Soderbergh, who’s most recent work includes the spicy Magic Mike, and will air on HBO in 2013. The film will focus on Liberace’s ill-fated love affair and his struggles to keep his homosexuality from becoming public. The film is an adaption of Behind the Candelabra: My Life With Liberace, an autobiographical novel by Librace’s younger lover Scott Thorson; who will be played by Matt Damon.

The biopic won’t shy away from tender moments between the two lovers, who were 39 years apart in age. “It’s scripted that there’s more than one [kiss],” Damon told E! Online last year. “I never thought I would get to kiss Michael Douglas.”

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