Little-Known Philadelphia Artist Creates First Offical Portrait of Chelsea Manning

Portrait by Alicia Neal via The Verge.

Portrait by Alicia Neal via The Verge.

Since one of America’s most famous inmates, Bradley Manning, officially began living as Chelsea Manning, there has been only one grain black-and-white picture of her. (We’ve used it many times.) Now, a little-known Philadelphia artist, Alicia Neal, a graduate of UArts was commissioned to create the first official portrait of the WikiLeaks leaker.  The official portrait was thanks to The Chelsea Manning Support Network who recognized the unique challenges of getting a portrait drawn because of the high-security facility Manning is in. So, Chelsea Manning drew a self-portrait and mailed it off to the Support Network who commissioned Neal.

Check out the fascinating story over at the Verge for a detailed account of how the portrait came to fruition. 


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