Los Angeles School District Launches Anti-Bullying Program

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Along with help from the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center, the Los Angeles Unified School District is launching a new program to create a better school environment for LGBT youth and to eliminate bullying. As one of the nation’s largest school districts, their Suicide Prevention Intervention Now (SPIN) program was officially launched earlier this week. “The school district had a long history of helping these youth, but we knew even more could be done,” said Lorri Jean, chief executive of the LA Gay and Lesbian Center. A large part of SPIN involves education: just getting faculty used to the word “gay” or “lesbian” can have enormously positive consequences. Teachers and faculty are also trained in how to create a safe classroom environment as well as to look for signs in students who may be withdrawing into themselves for reasons well-known to any of those who have ever been bullied. Hopefully SPIN will be successful and other schools throughout the country will follow. [Queerty]

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