To Make America Great, Trump May Take Away LGBT Rights

When Trump promised to “Make America Great” he told us the recipe meant keeping out the Muslims and blocking out the Mexicans—the newest ingredient may be to take away anti-discrimination laws that protect the LGBT community. According to insiders, Trump may be on the brink of signing an anti-LGBT executive order that would allow the legalization of discriminatory practices against LGBT people in federal government.

During the Obama administration, many different laws were passed to protect the LGBT community: like allowing Americans to decide what gender accurately represented him or herself on legal documents, repealing DADT, appointing LGBT people to all levels of government, ensuring that low-income LGBT people aren’t discriminated in healthcare, among many other things.

Trump supposed plan would reverse many of these policies and law.

His new executive order is said to:

– Permit federal employees to discriminate against LGBT people based on their opposition to marriage quality and gender identity.

– According to the Center for American Progress, the executive order could ”make sexual orientation and gender identity fire able offensive for federal employees and federal contractors.”

– Letting federally-funded adoption agencies discrimination against LGBT people; and

– Letting organizations use federal dollars to discriminate in the provision of social services.

White house press secretary Sean Spicer was questioned about the order by gay journalist Chris Johnson on January 30th to which he refused to deny the rumors. [AB]


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