Malaysian Government Says Homosexuality can be Reversed with ‘Extensive Training’

Malaysian government officials are promoting conversion therapy for the country’s homosexuals. The open endorsement comes after federal authorities claim sexual orientation can be changed with “extensive training.”

Although Malaysia’s Department of Islamic Development Department is encouraging a more embracing attitude toward the members of the LGBT community, they have publicly stated that homosexuals choose their orientation; “choose to face [their sexual orientation] appropriate with what Islam demands.”

The DIDD has released a video that promotes tolerance toward LGBT members, but also reminds its audience that when someone is different from the majority, they need extensive training to correct this. The Islamic department says in the video that homosexuals can fulfill their desire through marriage or even fasting. The video also tells Muslims to be patient with their gay friends and try to guide them back on their perceived right path.

The pseudoscience of conversion therapy uses spiritual counseling and psychological treatment to change a person’s sexual orientation, and it’s widely seen in the scientific community as harmful.The practice has been banned in Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, Ecuador, Israel, Lebanon, Malta, South Africa, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and some states in the US. [MMO]




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