Excess Baggage: Malleable French Thief Hid in Suitcase and Gets Caught Stealing Passengers’ Luggage

A two-man team has been arrested after it was discovered that they were successfully running a scheme stealing passengers’ goods on an airport-bound bus in France. It seemed like a full-proof plan…until they got caught when the devised a plan where one man curled up in a suitcase, while the other man rolled his accomplice onto the bus’ luggage compartment. The man would then unzip himself, and raid the other suitcases. Zip himself back in. And wait to be thrown out again with the rest of the bags.

Apparently the simple plan worked a few times, but the bus bandits were apprehended on October 13 after the bus driver saw movement in a suitcase. Airport security phoned the police and followed the man with the moving bag. The bag was discovered to not only contain a human, but also tons of goods: tablets, telephones, money, etc.

They were both given eight–12-month sentence. [CNT]


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