Manchester United Hit with Thousands of Homophobic Comments After Show of LGBT Pride

Manchester United received a flurry of anti-LGBT comments after the soccer team actively showed support for the LGBT community. Over 50,000 comments were made after players wore rainbow laces. The campaign, the Stonewall Rainbow Laces campaign, is meant to raise awareness about inclusivity in sport. 

Stonewall’s Director of Sport Kirsty Clarke said of the campagin: “This year’s campaign is about giving people confidence to be active allies and show their visible support for LGBT people, either on or off the pitch. It’s been heartening to see that allyship in action, particularly on social media, where we’ve seen countless messages from people who aren’t LGBT calling out abuse from fellow fans and highlighting why their attitudes have no place in sport.”

Comments were made on the team’s Facebook page. “Says No to LGBT,” “God created Adam and Eve not Adam and Lukaku,” and “Gaychester United.” 

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