Massachusetts Anti-Transgender Bathroom Ad is a New Low

This coming Election Day, the people of Massachusetts will vote on a referendum, Question 3. The vote will decide the fate of a 2016 law that protects transgender people from discrimination in public places (particularly bathrooms).

Those against the law, Keep MA Safe, have released a series of horribly offensive and untrue ads that demonize the transgender community. Their new 30-second PSAs show an adult woman in a women’s locker room when a creep cisgender man is in a bathroom stall.

“What does Massachusetts Question 3 mean to you?” the ad asks. “It means any man who says he is a woman can enter a women’s locker room, dressing room, or bathroom at any time — even convicted sex offenders.”

According to ThinkProgress: “The facts of the ad are nonsense. As a recent academic study — and many analyses before it — concluded, there is zero evidence to suggest that protecting transgender people from discrimination in any way makes facilities less safe for women and children. It just doesn’t happen.”

Who is wasting their money on these ads to legally try to discriminate people just trying to use a bathroom?

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