‘Mean Girls’ and ‘Looking’ Star Daniel Franzese Proposes to Boyfriend in the Most Adorable Fashion


“He said yes” at the Starbucks the two met in. Daniel Franzese, known primarily for his role in Mean Girls and in the upcoming Looking movie, asked his boyfriend Joseph Bradley Phillips to marry him. According to People, the well-thought-out proposal required getting the baristas involved. The ring was slipped to one of the employees, and when their order was up, she referred to the two as Mr. and Mr. Franzese, while handing him “a new drink he should try.”


Upon opening the cup, he found a ring, and Franzese got down on one knee. “Since I first saw you here, you have opened your heart to me, and I vow to God that for the rest of my life to honor and protect that heart if you will be my husband. Will you marry me?” he said.

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