Media Coverage Supports Gay Marriage

Image via ArrowStudio, LLC

Image via ArrowStudio, LLC

Pew research findings revealed that coverage of gay marriage by news outlets’ tends to be significantly more favorable than unfavorable. Stories that focused on support for same-sex marriage were five times more frequent than those that focused on opposition, the analysis conducted by the Pew Research Center found. Of the stories Pew focused on, 47 percent concentrated on supportive viewpoints, while 9 percent concentrated on opposition. Forty-four percent of stories were neutral or presented a balance of opinions

Pew findings revealed that the split was more even on Twitter. An analysis of tweets found 31 percent were supportive, 28 percent were opposed, and 42 percent were neutral, a split, which Pew said, is more in line with public opinion. In a recent Pew poll, findings revealed that 51 percent of Americans are in favor of same-sex marriage while 42 percent are against.

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The stronger showing of support was seen across the 58 news outlets Pew analyzed, but the range varied outlet to outlet. On cable news, Pew found 64 percent of MSNBC stories were supportive, to 30 percent mixed and 6 percent opposing. Fox News’s coverage was 29 percent supportive, 63 percent mixed and 8 percent against. CNN aired 39 percent favorable stories, with 57 percent neutral and 4 percent opposed.

Nearly 500 stories from more than 50 sources were analyzed between March 18 and May 12. POLITICO was one of the websites Pew included in its analysis. [POL]

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