Meet Broadway’s Jeff Calhoun

Jeff Calhoun. Photo by Dirty Sugar Photography.

Our lucky editor of The Broadway Blog, Tom Mizer, got to sit down with Broadway’s Jeff Calhoun. Check out what happens…

After a day overstuffed with rehearsals for the world premiere of Disney’s Newsies at Paper Mill Playhouse and casting sessions for the Broadway-bound Bonnie & Clyde, he graciously invited me to share some rare downtime (and a good strong whiskey) to discuss his career, his big fall premieres, and the joys of smelling like Dolly Parton. Perhaps I’d better let him explain…

I’m a serious journalist, so I’m going to start with something very important and serious. You are in the movie of The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.

I am. And in every gay bar on musical Mondays.

You’re in the locker room/Aggie scene?

I’m the quarterback that starts the scene. I say, “Hey Governor…” I forget what my line was but that launches the number that takes us from the locker room to the bus. Then we get a flat tire and there are two people that go up to the top of the bus, and it’s me and my best friend. It was a just a coincidence that the director picked us. So we have a shot together in the movie. Then we get into the old man’s truck and the director was really nice and put me next to the old man…so I had more camera time. And then they let us off and we jump over the fences and we go “tada” and out walks Dolly [Parton] on the front porch.

Did you get to meet Dolly?

Oh! Dolly and I are buds.

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