Meet the Gay Couple Saving Our Planet

In 2017, our planet took significant hits, including more extreme hurricanes, floods, landslides, and earthquakes, but equally devastating was the White House publicly and fully withdrawing support for the environment. Jarring citizens of the world, the Trump administration stepped down from the Paris Climate Agreement, which focuses on tackling climate issues to protect our planet, and the United States government drastically cut or eliminated funding and contributions to various environmental groups like United Nations’ Green Climate Fund and the Global Climate Change Initiative.

Naturally, the majority of Americans were in disbelief following these announcements in May 2017, but it wasn’t completely shocking for Les McCabe, Board of Directors, and Bill Bridge, chief operating officer of Global Green USA (

“We knew a Trump administration would not be environmentally friendly based on the positions stated throughout the campaign,” recalls Bill. “While we didn’t know how bad it would be at the time (pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord, anti-environment appointments to the EPA and the Department of Interior, support for the continuation of the Dakota Pipeline), we reacted first like everyone else, with shock, fear, and concern. However, the next day in the office we told our staff ‘OK, you have one day to feel bad, angry, and upset. But on the second day, we are going to look at this as an opportunity to galvanize support and to forge ahead with even more resolve.’”

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