Meet the Gay Swiss Couple who are Celebrating 60 Years of Love, Laughter, and Travel

Röbi and Ernst met each other for the first time at the gay Barfüsser-Bar in Zürich, November 3, 1956. This year they are celebrating 60 years together. We have been friends with them for 18 years. Recently, over dinner in Zurich, we asked them to share a story with our readers about their amazing travels together around the world. Here is the story of their first trip together.

Our first holiday together (our honeymoon trip) was a journey to Greece in the summer 1957. We were both 27 and traveled on small budgets with rucksacks and an air mattress each. In Athens we got a cheap room in a hotel with ladies waiting for customers. They were very sweet calling us “our Swiss Kids” and even defended us against the ambitions of the housekeeper who quite openly wanted sex with us. Some Greek men obviously were straightforward regarding their so not straight sexual likings.

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