Meet Santa Fe, New Mexico’s First Openly Gay Mayor Javier Gonzales

Mayor Gonzales. Image via Passport.

Mayor Gonzales. Image via Passport.

Santa Fe, New Mexico has long called itself “the City Different.” There are many reasons why the New Mexico capital proudly claims the nickname, but no single reason matters more than its inherent warmth. It’s a city even locals call a “town,” and since the early days it’s possessed a welcoming spirit mixed with an easygoing air of inclusion.

For Mayor Javier M. Gonzales, the city was essentially founded on generous connections— between people, between tribes, and between nature and those who dwell in it.

“The appeal [of Santa Fe] is not just one thing, it’s a combination of many things that are just organically part of the whole ecosystem here, including geography,” says Gonzales. “It’s a collision of cultures that’s made Santa Fe unique, and I think that’s been part of the magic that brought people here.”

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