Meet The First Jewish, LGBTQ Rose Queen, Louise Deser Siskel

What a way to start the New Year! One of the most amazing events in the USA is the annual Rose Parade that takes place in Pasadena, California each year on January 1. This year, the event will be even more unique as it will feature Louise Deser Siskel as the First Jewish, LGBTQ Rose Queen!

According to The Mercury News:

Rose Queen Louise Deser Siskel of San Marino admits her youth was more “‘Lord of the Flies’ than Disney.”

She never really imagined being a princess or, better yet, a queen. But since starting her journey with the Tournament of Roses, she has seen how much the organization is more in line with her values than she knew.

Honored to be chosen Rose Queen, Siskel says she’s also honored that she holds several first titles in her royal role — the first queen with glasses, the first Jewish queen and first LGBTQ queen. “What was important to me throughout the interview process was that I was completely transparent about who I was, about the things that I value, and about the things that I advocate for,” she said.

“I feel lucky that I was selected by the committee for those reasons. That, to me, gives me great faith in the organization and a great amount of respect for the committee.”

The whole experience, she adds, has been humbling and inspiring.

Congratulations to Louise Deser Siskel and everyone at the The Tournament of Roses!

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