Meet the Men at Pineapple Point in Fort Lauderdale

Meet the Men at Pineapple Point in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is one of our favorite destinations, and for many good reasons. It provides visitors with sunny weather, beautiful beaches, wonderful cultural attractions, and one of the largest, progressive, fun loving LGBT communities in the USA. An integral part of that community are Judd Chapman and Phil Quattrone, the owners of Pineapple Point Guest House & Resort. These two men have created a lavishly landscaped, sun-drenched compound where there are labyrinthine pathways leading to spacious guest rooms, cottages, villas, and suites that are individually appointed with fancy linens, customized robes, chic pastels, and luxury amenities. Need a dinner reservation? The concierge will arrange it. Want to relax? More than a half-dozen massage therapists are available at your disposal. Want nothing more than poolside eye candy? There are beautiful, naked men of all ages and body types everywhere. To learn more about Judd and Phil and their luxury retreat in Fort Lauderdale Click Here.

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