Meet the World’s First Naked Barber Who Will Shave Your Privates on a Sling

Screen Shot via YouTube.
Screen Shot via YouTube.

Need someone else to take care of down there? Well, meet Sydney, Australia–based Dick Savvy, a jockstrap wearing barber who isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty.

According to a YouTube channel:

He is also an Award Winning Hair Professional who has mastered the art of male grooming with the twist of providing his services in a more liberated, bare and extraordinary context. As woman go into a salon for a weekly blow-dry, Dick provides his clients with a weekly scrotum shave.

If you’re wondering why Savvy usually wears a jockstrap while he shaves your intimates, it’s because he feels his average body will help “blokes” feel more comfortable.


Watch the maybe NSFW video after the jump…


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