Michael Sam Responds to Bill to Ban Gays From the NFL

Image via Facebook

Image via Facebook

Jack Burkman, a D.C. lobbyist, released a grasping-for-attention press release, announcing his intention to push a bill that would ban gays from the NFL. Burkman claims he has five representatives and one senator who would support the bill, though he declined to give any specific names.

The press release included the usual homophobic concern-trolling about the “direction the country is moving,” including a particularly specific concern—”[that] society is moving to a point where we are going to have unisex bathrooms and the next generation thinks that is OK.” Imagine that!

Michael Sam, the implicit target of the proposed “bill,” brought the real newsworthiness to this story by showing off his wit with a satisfyingly acerbic, pop culture-savvy tweet:


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