Michelle Obama Snuck Out of White House to Celebrate Marriage Equality

Michelle Obama’s brand-new book is making waves with its detailed, personal content, but one story is particularly important for the LGBTQ community. In a passage, the former FLOTUS talks about the night that the White House was lit-up in rainbow (a tradition that has stopped under Trump).

“Looking out the window, I saw that beyond the gates on Pennsylvania Avenue, a big crowd of people had gathered in the summer dusk to see the lights. The north drive was filled with government staff who’d stayed late to see the White House transformed in celebration of marriage equality. The decision had touched so many people. From where I stood, I could see the exuberance, but I could hear nothing. It was an odd part of our reality.”

#RealFLOTUS wrote that she found herself “suddenly desperate to join the celebration,” and resolved to sneak out and see the lights. She was joined by her eldest daughter Malia Obama, then 16, who Obama recalls “surprised me a little by immediately signing on” to the plan.

“We were going on an adventure—outside, where people were gathered—and we weren’t going to ask anyone’s permission. Malia and I were now on a crusade. We weren’t going to relinquish our goal. We were going to get ourselves outside.”

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