‘Millionaire Matchamaker’ David Cruz Fights for Gay Rights in Guam

David Cruz, who works for Patti Stanger on the hit Bravo reality show Millionaire Matchmaker, has launched an initiative to protect LGBT people in the US territory of Guam. In an e-mail the Guam-born star writes:

Image via David Cruz

Image via David Cruz

My name is David Cruz and I am a current cast member of Bravo TV’s “The Millionaire Matchmaker.” I spend a good part of my life setting up relationships and helping people find love. But, recently something has come my way that has broken my heart.

Last week I was saddened to hear that the Governor of Guam, the Island where I grew up, is denying Gay men and Women their legal right to marry- EVEN after being issued a legal memorandum to do so from the Attorney General of Guam.

I was compelled to voice my opinion about this matter as I am not only a son of Guam having grown up on the Island, but also as a gay man. I spend every moment of my life helping people find love and giving advice about relationships, so I cannot stand by and watch my own community of LGBT people be discriminated against.

I made this video to show my support for them and to rally all my friends and fans, to show thier support for equal rights and to send a message to the governor of Guam!


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