Mississippi’s Legalized Anti-Gay Discrimination Bill Faces Business Backlash with New Business Coalition


Blue Stickers Used Throughout Mississippi.
Blue Stickers Used Throughout Mississippi.

It’s been two weeks since Mississippi became the first state in the nation to legalize anti-gay discrimination through a hate-filled bill that is clandestinely referred to as a “religious freedom” law. The bill allows for businesses to refuse to serve customers who are LGBT based on religious conviction. The bill, signed by Mississippi Republican Governor Phil Bryant, is now facing a statewide backlash by small businesses who want to make it clear that they are open for business for everyone. “I’m in a business to sell a product, and I want to sell that product to everybody, and I don’t care what you do in your life,” said Mitchell Moore, owner of Campbell’s Bakery in Jackson, Mississippi. This sentiment rang true for many other businesses who decided to spearhead a campaign “If You’re Buying, We’re Selling.” So far, the new coalition has been backed by the state’s LGBT gay-rights activists, has acquired over 500 businesses. Businesses who participate will receive a blue sticker for their storefront. The bigexample that all of the politicians kept giving over and over was a bakery that might have to bake a cake for a gay wedding,” says Moore. “I own a bakery, no politician called me and asked if this was something we should do.”

“We started brainstorming about ideas, and he mentioned starting a page and coming with a sign that businesses could display,” said Eddie Outlaw, owner of the William Wallace Salon and Fondren Barbershop in Jackson and LGBT rights activist. “We as business owners don’t condone discrimination against anyone because it’s wrong, because it’s bad for business, and it’s bad for our state.” 

So far the campaign has sold out of their initial 500 stickers and anticipate thousands more in the coming weeks to show solidarity with the LGBT community. [MSNBC]


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