Misterbnb: New School Lodging for LGBT People and Allies

Image via Facebook

Image via Facebook

You’ve probably heard the buzz about the web service Airbnb—a cursory glance at Google News will show that the website is a hot topic. While San Francisco has made headlines for its banning of the DIY apartment-rental service, Airbnb is becoming increasingly popular as an option in lieu of expensive hotel rates. But convenient, affordable, and hyped as the service may be, some people (even those outside SF) have hangups about the website. Like any connection we make over the Internet, Airbnb involves an x-factor — the person at the other end of the wireless connection.

Misterbnb, a web service launched last spring, takes an Airbnb-esque approach to finding lodging, but it tailors its service to LGBT people and their allies, helping to assure users their experience will be an open and respectful one. As co-found Matthieu Jost puts it: “I realized the limitations of apartment rental sites. I could sometimes notice how apartment owners felt uncomfortable with me staying with my boyfriend.”

If you’ve been dying to try Airnbnb but felt concern like Jost’s holding you back, Misterbnb might be the right choice for you. The service is available worldwide.

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