MLB Hits Home-Run Partnership With National Gay And Lesbian Chamber Of Commerce

Photo via Passport Magazine
Photo via Passport Magazine

Major League Baseball is at bat this week to take its new partnership with the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce public, Fortune reports.

“The National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce is such a well-respected organization,” says Billy Bean, MLB Vice President of Inclusion and Social Responsibility, “and for them to feel that what they see in baseball is something they would want to align with, it’s a compliment for the work that we’re doing.”

The deal will ensure equal opportunity for LGBT businesses, or businesses owned 51 percent or more by an LGBT person or persons, in bidding on MLB contracts and affiliate opportunities.

“I’m just so grateful that baseball is open to it now,” Bean told Fortune. “I’m really optimistic about how they can help us and then how in turn that helps our community.”

Set in motion in 1998, the league’s Diverse Business Program includes provisions to guide nonprofits, and businesses that represent women and minority business owners, into contracts with greater ease.

“The mission of the Diverse Business Partners program is to promote efficiency and profitability for Major League Baseball and its Clubs while extending Baseball’s ability to contribute to the economic growth, strength and well-being of diverse communities,” the business bureau’s website reads.

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