MPAA Relents Giving Transgender Family Story ‘3 Generations’ a PG-13

Thanks to organizations and a petition, the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) has reconsidered its decision to give the upcoming transgender-inclusive film 3 Generations a restricted ‘R’ rating. The film, which is being praised by GLAAD as “…a film that all families should be able to see,” now has more appropriate PG-13 rating

“The film industry has a shockingly awful history when it comes to telling the stories of transgender people. For over 50 years, transgender characters have been used as fodder in films where they were either psychopathic killers, deviant freaks, or pathetic victims. In GLAAD’s most recent report on the film industry, we counted just one transgender character in mainstream film in 2016 and that character existed simply to be laughed at and mocked,” GLAAD spokesperson said in a statement about the inclusivity of transgender men and women in film.

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