Muslim Man Seeks to Create Gay Mosque in France

Demonstration against Islam held in France. Image via Huffington Post

France has seen much controversy surrounding both gay rights and religion Now Mohammed Ludovic Lütfi Zahed, a French Muslim man, seeks to combine the two by opening the country’s first mosque for LGBT people. Zahed hopes that the home for the new mosque will be inside a Buddhist chapel, where both prayers and eventually same-sex marriages can take place. Historically France has seen strong opposition to Islam, and last month’s protest in an unfinished mosque was one example of how far the country still has to go in terms of religious tolerance. In a similar vein, last week over 100,000 protestors from various Catholic groups in the country gathered to protest the government consideration of legalizing same-sex marriage.

Zahed sees the opening of the mosque as a step toward greater equality, where both men and women, gay and straight will be able to join together in prayer. Read more about this story at the Huffington Post.

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