Nancy Pelosi Calls Republican Treatment of Gay Soldier “Unthinkable”

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Nancy Pelosi joined Ellen today and discussed something that has been relatively ignore by the mainstream news—the booing of the openly gay soldier during the last GOP debate.

PELOSI: Here we had a service member speaking from Iraq to that audience, questioning those candidates, and when the jeers, jeering a person who’s serving our country, it’s unthinkable, but on top of that, that none of the people who would be president, would be commander in chief, would call a halt, make a statement right then and there that that was totally unacceptable in our country.

ELLEN: Like you said, you know, serving in Iraq, and they’re booing this guy…

PELOSI: Risking his life to protect American people. We take pride in their service to our country, we take pride in their contributions to our society, we take pride in their families. [AmericaBlog]

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