NBA Rewards North Carolina for the State’s Continued Anti-LGBT Legislation

NBA Rewards North Carolina for the State’s Continued Anti-LGBT Legislation

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver announced North Carolina is now eligible to host future All-Star Games in wake of the discriminatory back-room “deal” made by North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper and the state’s GOP leadership that doubles down on many of the worst aspects of the anti-LGBTQ HB2 law.

With today’s announcement, Commissioner Silver said the NBA would develop a non-discrimination policy and require NBA partners to sign on to it. Unfortunately, Governor Roy Cooper’s back-room deal with Republican leadership in the General Assembly currently prevents North Carolina cities from meeting non-discrimination requirements.

The NBA’s announcement comes as a growing list of states and cities have issued or re-affirmed their bans on taxpayer-funded travel to North Carolina, including Minnesota, New York CityWashington, DCSan FranciscoAtlantaSeattleOaklandPortlandSanta Fe, Cincinnati, Salt Lake CityLos AngelesCincinnatiPalm Springs, and Wilton Manors.

The legislation passed last week, HB 142, is not HB2 repeal, and it makes North Carolina the latest state to enact an anti-LGBTQ bill into law this year. The new law replaces one discriminatory, anti-transgender, bathroom bill with another. It bans local LGBTQ non-discrimination protections statewide through 2020 and substitutes the previous anti-transgender bathroom provisions with a new provision that forbids state agencies, public universities, primary and secondary schools, and cities from adopting policies ensuring transgender people have access to restrooms consistent with their gender identity.

“It is disheartening to see the NBA fall for the fake repeal passed by lawmakers in Raleigh,” said Equality NC Executive Director Chris Sgro. “The NBA has been a staunch opponent of HB2 and should be standing strong against HB142. The new law continues to put LGBTQ North Carolinians at risk and does little to alleviate the harm and discrimination put in place by the original HB2.”



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