NBC’s Jenna Wolf Announces that She’s a Lesbian and Pregnant

Images via NBC/Today via UsaToday

Jenna Wolfe (L) and Stephanie Gosk (R). Images via NBC/Today via UsaToday

The 39-year-old self-proclaimed NBC daredevil, Jenna Wolfe, is trading jumping off of buildings for diaper duty as she announced today that she and her partner are expecting their first baby. Wolfe came out publicly in the recent issue of People magazine and live on Today by announcing her pregnancy with her girlfriend, fellow-NBC-er Stephanie Gosk. “My girlfriend, Stephanie Gosk, and I are expecting a baby girl the end of August,” she wrote in a blog post.

“Of all the jaw-dropping, head-turning and eye-popping things I’ve ever told my friends and family (‘I swam with killer sharks,’ ‘I jet-packed 30 feet out of the water,’ ‘I scaled the tallest building in Canada’), nothing garnered more shock and awe (and, yes, some tears) than when I told people I was pregnant. Just writing those words — ‘I’m pregnant’ — is surreal to me.” [USA]

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