With Nearly 100% Support, The Falkland Islands Welcome Gay and Lesbian Marriage

The Falkland Islands, a British Overseas Territory in the South Atlantic, has just welcomed marriage equality for same-sex couples as well as civil partnerships for both gay and straight couples. While the islands only have 3,000 residents, it could usher in a dawn for tourism to the picturesque and unique islands.

The new law came after a study found that 90% of islanders were for marriage equality with 94% being in favor of civil partnerships.

“The move sends a clear and powerful message that all people are all relationships are equal,” said a representative told the Star Observer. “It does not matter whether they are a same-sex couple or not, and the law now reflects the Falkland Islands’ tradition of being an open, tolerant and respectful community.”

Later this month, the islands will host a small Pride celebration, making it the most southern pride in the world.

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