Nepal Holds The First Gay Sports Event In Asia

Image via The Telegraph

Over 250 LGBT athletes took part in a sports festival in Nepal’s capital Kathmandu. About 1,500 spectators cheered as the athletes, waving rainbow colored flags, marched in the opening ceremony for the three-day event. Kicking off the festivities at the inaugural soccer match was the out Olympic diving champion Greg Louganis. “Initially I was a little worried whether we would be able to hold such a big event in a major public venue,” said well-known activist Sunil Babu Pant, founder of the Blue Diamond Society, a leading gay rights group. “We have done it and proved that we can do,” added Pant, a former member of parliament. The festival surely shows how attitudes are changing in the conservative Hindu-majority nation, in which the country’s Supreme Court in 2007 ordered the government to do away with laws that discriminate against gays and guarantee them the same rights as other citizens. [The Telegraph]

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