New 18-Hour United Flight May Be the World’s Longest, But Where Does it Go?

United Airlines just announced a brand-new 18-hour flight that will span 8,700 miles connecting Los Angeles to Singapore. The flight, if approved by the FAA, would be the longest by distance for a non-stop route from the US—beating out Qantas’s 8,578-mile Dallas-Sydney and United’s very own 8,446-mile San Francisco to Singapore route.

It will also break another record, making it the longest non-stop flight ever flown by a US airline. It will also become a contender for the world’s longest flight (measured by flying time) at just under 18 hours. Currently Qatar Airways’ flight time of 17 hours and 40 minutes (New Zealand to Qatar route) is the world’s longest.

Passengers aboard will enjoy the lengthy flight time as it will be completed by a brand-new 787 Dreamliner.

“The 787-9 allows United Airlines the unique opportunities of opening up long thin routes that we would not have been able to serve non-stop without this specific aircraft,” says a rep. [USA]

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