New Airline Seat Design Is Either a Dream Come True or a Nightmare

Image via ArtFamily
Image via ArtFamily

Depending on your height, a new airline seat design by B/A Aerospace could be amazing or horrific. The design, detailed in a patent application, would take into consideration the varying heights of passengers by moving the seats backwards or forwards on preexisting tracks along the aircraft floor. (As noted by, the flight crew would take care of this via app post passenger check-in).

This, in essence, means that long-legged travelers could have a bit more space during their flight – the catch, of course, being that those gained inches would be taken from shorter passengers, who, at least in theory, would still be just as comfortable as previously.

As a vertically-challenged person myself, I’m admittedly a bit biased, yet I must nonetheless question if the gain of a few inches by another passenger would actually increase the pleasure of their flying experience significantly enough to justify having a person’s reclined head that much further in my lap (or those kicking toddler’s legs closer to your back)?

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