New App For The Transgender Community

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Available from Apple, TranSquat is a gender-neutral bathroom finder that locates bathrooms that are gender free, in relation to the users location. It uses the phone’s current GPS location to search, add, and share nearby safe locations with other users; there is currently almost 4,000 listed in the U.S., Canada, and Great Britain. Launched earlier this year, the app is written by and for the transgender community, and is powered by data from Safe2Pee directory, a nationwide directory for gender-neutral bathrooms. Developer Billy Bolt explained on the creation of the app, “This app is useful for transgender and gender variant individuals because sometimes finding a safe, discreet, and comfortable restroom can be a challenge and or safety issue depending on where one is in their own transition or geographic location.” With the app being community driven, users can build on it and share more locations not listed yet. Bolt also mention on the app’s Facebook page that creation of the app is also a fundraising project to help finance Bolt’s SRS (sex reassignment surgery); with a goal to get 3,000 downloads, the fundraising page says the app currently has 2,500 downloads.

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