New Concept Plane Has Us Singing ‘A Whole New World’

Image via Technicon Design.
Image via Technicon Design.

Upset you don’t have a window view to see the skyline as you touchdown in Paris? Well, if a design-firm Technician Design has their way with the IXION Windowless Jet Concept, you’ll feel like Jasmin riding on Aladdin’s magic carpet, except for the whole wind thing. This new plane will give passengers a 360-degree view with cameras mounted on the plane’s exterior to capture the scenery. It will then project your surroundings on high-res screens on the interior cabin walls and ceiling. Thinking these screens will take up too much energy, the designers hope to use solar panels to power the interior TVs. Without windows, the plans too will be cheaper to produce because it will require less materials. If there is nothing to see out the window besides vast ocean, any scene can be projected. [Mashable]

Hopefully the projection screens won’t distract us from our romcom marathons.


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