New Helpline Created for Lesbians in Delhi, India

Image via AndyTu

Image via AndyTu

“Confused about your sexual orientation? Worried about your gender identity? Need somebody to talk to? Need information on queer life? We are just a call away!” This is what a new helpline is providing lesbians and other sexual minorities in India. Gay-rights advocates are creating programs to make it easier for gays and lesbians to come out of the closet. Men in the country have special places where they can meet and discuss coming out and other problems facing their community, but these kinds of programs aren’t available to women. Qashti, a feminist non-profit group, noticed this lack of support for lesbians and decided to create a hotline for lesbians, bisexuals, FTM trans, and gender queers. The small team of five from the organization first needed to undergo intensive training and counseling to prepare for calls. “Based on our past experiences, we are expecting calls on coming out, on violence which can be intimate partner violence, violence at home, and about relationships, etc,” says Rituparna Borah, a member of Qashti. Though this is a great start for those who couldn’t be helped before, the helpline is not being funded, resulting in it to only be opened twice a week, Wednesday from 7–9 P.M. and Saturday from 4-6 P.M. Qashi is hoping, though, to reach out to as many people as possible during the time slots by distributing brochures, posting flyers, and creating stickers. The group even hosts free events to draw attention to the important work that they are doing.. [The Hindu]

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