New School Created For LGBTQ People in the Islamic Communitiy

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In a world riddled with anti-gay and anti-Muslim remarks, Daayiee Abdullah, an openly gay man and Washington D.C.–based Muslim religious leader, has bridged the two communities and created an online school for Islamic Philosophy open for all those in the LGBTQ community.

Abdullah, the first openly gay imam in the United States, started his fight for free religious access to all LGBTQ people, including those with HIV/AIDS, working to bring further inclusivity in the Muslim community since 2002.

In a recent article Abdullah said: “The idea that same-sex-oriented people cant be as faithful or pious as heterosexuals is not something that is found in the Quran.”

For years, Abdullah has been contesting the homophobic ideas and remarks flooding Muslim religion and eventually decided it was time to create the MECCA Institute.

The online school should be offering classes as early as Fall of 2016 and provide more modern take on Islamic philosophy among many other courses.

To learn more about the amazing school Abdullah has created click here.

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