Gay Married Angels Share Kiss on ‘Midnight, Texas’ and the Internet Has Lots to Say

Gay Married Angels Share Kiss on ‘Midnight, Texas’ and the Internet Has Lots to Say

NBC’s new supernatural series, Midnight, Texashas gay angels. and people are (mostly) loving it.

The show is about a town filled with all manner of supernatural creatures including vampires, witches, and psychics that just want to live normal lives. In the premiere, Midnighters (the that-was-quick name for the show’s fans) were introduced to a married couple, Joe and Chuy, who are revealed to be fallen divine beings complete with wings.

In it’s fourth episode the couple finally locked lips, and fans were ecstatic.

However, one unhappy blogger, Lidsay Kornak on a site called Newsbusters saw this as an attack on religion, calling it part of an LGBT agenda saying “they’re affecting symbols of a decidedly non-homosexual religion.” She also mentioned that we would be “hearing back” from her once there are “transsexual angels.”

I would so watch a transgender angel show though. Thanks for putting it out there, Linds! It’s actually fantastic to see LGBT inclusion in genre fare since we too can be heroes and magical creatures.

Midnight, Texas is adapted from the books written by Charlene Harris (The Southern Vampire Mysteries aka True Blood).

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