New Viral Campaign Shows the Reality of Trans* Discrimination Bills

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

With new laws proposed throughout the United States and Canada that would ban transgender men and women from using the bathroom that represents their identified sex, the trans* community has launched a social-media campaign that shows the absurdity of the new laws. It began with one transwoman who began taking selfies in men’s restrooms. Brae Carnes, a Canadian, is protesting a proposed law that would ban her from using the women’s bathroom. “As a trans woman I’m not even safe from discrimination at the pub. What’s going to happen if I’m forced into a men’s change-room?” she wrote on Facebook. Using the hashtag #PlettPutMeHere, referring to the politician spearheading the bill, she hopes that everyday men and women can see, on a human level, what the bill will.

Her self-initiated campaign as inspired other transgender men and women to also take selfies in the ‘wrong’ bathroom.


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