New Yorkers are Literally Freezing Themselves to Lose Weight and Look Beautiful


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The latest beauty trend in New York City is to withstand temperatures of minus 184 and minus 292 Fahrenheit. The process, called cryotherapy, involves a person signing up to sit in a six-foot-tall machine that pumps freezing air for just three minutes. The process, though, claims to “boost their metabolism, loosen their muscles, flatten their stomachs, reduce cellulite and allegedly burn up to 800 calories without moving a muscle,” according to the NY Post, who visited the trendy KryoLife spa.

And while the treatment has been around since the late 70s (it was used in Japan to treat athritis), a new batch of celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, Derek Hough, Mandy Moore, Bobbi Brown, Yoko Ono, and Daniel Craig have all used the machines. Christiano Ronaldo has even bought his own at-home $50k machine!

So how much does a session cost? One 180-second-long treatment costs $90, a five-minute cryofacial, $45.


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