NFL’s Brendon Ayanbadejo Supports Marriage Equality

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Baltimore Ravens linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo has been showing support for the LGBT community for many years, and currently he is working to get marriage equality approved in Maryland (which is being voted on this November). He recently appeared on ESPN’s Outside The Lines to share thoughts on marriage equality and to respond a bigoted letter from Maryland Rep. Emmett C. Burns Jr. that asked Raven players to stop speaking out for gay rights. 

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Ayanbadejo said he spoked with Ravens president Dick Cass about the letter and issue at hand, and Cass assured him of his support for both Ayanbadejo and the cause. Prior to this interview, Rep. Burns has apologized for the letter (I think the publicized responses from fellow equality supporters such as Minnesota Viking Chris Kluwe helped). Many others support Ayanbadejo and his cause; Ellen DeGeneres has welcomed him to appear on her show. Also, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell showed his support and told Politico his thoughts. “I think in this day and age, people are going to speak up about what they think is important. They speak as individuals and that’s an important part of democracy,” Goodell said in defending Ayanbadejo, showing how the NFL as whole has been increasing their support for marriage equality in America.

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