Nigerians Takes to the Streets to Protest LGBT Killings

Nigerians Takes to the Streets to Protest LGBT Killings

An assemblage of activists in Nigeria took to the streets of Lagos to protest the persecution and alleged killings of LGBT people. The grassroots protest was launched in conjunction with a nationwide National Day of Mourning and Remembrance for victims of violence across Nigeria (including the kidnapping of over 100 schoolgirls in 2014).

The LGBT protest was facilitated by the London-based group Bisi Alimi Foundation that was established by Nigerian TV personality Bisi Alimi that works to help bring justice and equality to the LGBT Nigerian community.

(Photo courtesy of Bisi Alimi via Facebook)

Signs at the protest read:

“Our Silence is Not Golden Anymore on the Killings of LGBTI Nigerians.”

“We also remember LGBT people in Nigeria killed for being who they are.”

“LGBTI people are being killed too. Why are we so silent?”

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