Nike Announces PAC to Fund Gay Marriage Initiative in Oregon

Image via Passport

Image via Passport

Nike endorses gay marriage in Oregon, and they’re proving it by donating $280,000 through a political action committee to support its legalization, first by repealing a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage enacted in 2004.

It’s called the Nike Equality PAC and will work with gay rights lobbying groups in the state to decide what to do with this money. The original amount consists of $100,000 in corporate funds and $180,000 from Nike executives. It will continue to accept voluntary employee contributions, general donations from the public and money funneled to the initiative by the company itself.

The company states in a press release, “Nike is fully supportive of the initiative to create marriage equality so our employees are treated fairly and with respect in the workplace and the community.” Nike headquarters are in Beaverton which is a city in Washington County, Oregon.

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