NOM Launches Boycott Against T-Mobile

Image via T-Mobile USA’s Facebook.

At this rate it seems like supporters of the National Organization for Marriage won’t be able to drink coffee (ie: Dump Starbucks), eat cereal (ie: Dump General Mills), or sign up for unlimited nationwide 4G data (ie: dump T-Mobile). That’s right, the infamously awful NOM has officially launched yet another campaign against a company that supports the approval of Referendum 74 in Washington that would grant marriage equality. Last month, T-Mobile donated $25,000 to support gay and lesbian marriage.

The NOM petition is hosted on ActRight, a fundraising service run by NOM president Brian Brown. They should also stop buying or using products from Alcoa, Amazon, Rei, Google, Micrsoft, Nike, and Vulcan, who have all given their support for marriage equality in Washington.

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