North Carolina Conservatives File Bill to End Gay and Lesbian Marriage, and They Waste Everyone’s Time

Now that North Carolina legislature have attacked transgender men and women, their next logical step is tackle the state’s debt gay marriage….again….despite it being the law of the land thanks to the Supreme Court. A bill was filed Tuesday by four House Republicans that would direct the state government to go against the court’s ruling and reinstate the state’s constitutional ban on same-se marriage.

House Bill 780, called the “Uphold Historical Marriage Act,” has no chance of actually becoming a law, but it still should concern us that this is the priority of conservatives. These are your tax dollars at work North Carolinians!

Tell them that your tax dollars shouldn’t fund wasteful in-house fighting or hate.

Republican Reps.:

Larry Pittman of Concord

Michael Speciale of New Bern

Carl Ford of Rowan County

Mike Clampitt of Bryson City.


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