North Carolina’s Anti-Gay Pat McCrory Concedes in Governor’s Race

Pat McCrory finally accepted defeat in the North Carolina governor’s race. With a stunning 66 percent of North Carolina voters reporting opposition to HB2 in exit polling, it’s clear that HB2 cost McCrory his re-election bid. According to polling commissioned by HRC and ENC and performed by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research, 57 percent of voters put HB2 as the top reason “not to vote for Pat McCrory” — exceeding any other issue by 17 points.

“Pat McCrory’s reign of discrimination is finally over. McCrory’s stubborn and reckless support of HB2 cost him this election, and his defeat sends a powerful warning to lawmakers across the country that targeting LGBTQ people will not be tolerated,” said HRC President Chad Griffin. “We look forward to working with Governor-elect Roy Cooper and fair-minded lawmakers to repeal HB2. It’s way past time to repair the harm inflicted on North Carolina’s people, reputation and economy.”

“Governor McCrory has finally conceded, and now it is time for the state and people of North Carolina to get on with our business of rebuilding,” said Equality North Carolina Executive Director Chris Sgro. “Roy Cooper is a champion of equality and for North Carolina values, and he is the right person to lead our great state moving forward. This was a hard-fought election, but the people of North Carolina clearly know that Roy Cooper will be the best leader for our state. This is a proud day for especially LGBT North Carolinians, who can now celebrate a Governor who cares deeply about our community.”

In 2012, Pat McCrory was elected with an 11 percent margin of victory. Not only did HB2 cost McCrory his re-election, it dragged down several state candidates.

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