Nude Male Exhibit in Vienna Causes Controversy

A new exhibit at the Leopold Museum in Vienna displaying various works of art honoring the male nude is causing some controversy. The show includes a variety of media ranging from painting and photography to the five naked male statues seen at the exhibit’s entrance. The exhibit displays art dating all the way back to Ancient Egypt through modern day. The diverse collection of artists includes Peter Paul Rubens, Paul Cezanne, Edvard Munch, to modern and more sexually explicit works by the US photographer Robert Mapplethorpe and the artists Gilbert & George.

While female nudity has long been praised and widely accepted throughout Vienna, with near-naked women appearing on television, the advertisement for this exhibit is said to have provoked controversial reactions from the public. Tobias Natter, the director the Leopold Museum, notes that while the advertising and the exhibit itself may be shocking for some, “the male nude is getting a new presence in modern contemporary society. He is now on posters, he is on stages, he is getting more and more normal.”

For more details on this exhibit, and the reactions the advertisements have caused, visit BBC News.

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