Occupy Oakland Protestors Gassed—Iraq Vet in Critical Condition

Two nights ago at around 6 P.M. police dismantled an Occupy Oakland protestors’ encampment outside of City Hall. The largely peaceful protestors retaliated with a march downtown where one of the worst clashes between police and protestors took place. Police set off dozens of containers of tear gas and even “used shotguns to fire projectiles designed to inflict pain but not kill.” A shocking video shows just how serious the confrontation became. The video from a news helicopter shows downtown Oakland looking more like a war zone rather than a liberal California enclave.

Authorities are keeping quiet about how many injuries occurred during the protest—though there are reports from Highland Hospital that 24-year-old Iraq Veteran named Scott Olsen is currently in critical condition. [SFGate]

We contacted California Governor Jerry Brown, but have yet to receive a reply.

Watch the disturbing video after the jump…

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